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St Helen & St Katharine use of 5.20pm Late Return Service

This academic year we have seen another significant increase in passenger numbers resulting in several of our routes being at or close to capacity.

When you sign up to use the Joint Bus Service you chose for your child either to go home at 4.20pm from St Helen’s or 5.20pm from Abingdon School.  This only permits you to use the return time selected it does not allow you to the use the later/earlier service.

Any remaining seats are made available to girls who participate in after school clubs.  We do this either on a first come first served basis.  Providing seats are available it is possible for someone to request to travel home late on a maximum of 3 days per week on a termly basis.  If you opt to do this and have your request approved it will then remove you from the earlier return on these days.

We would appreciate your support with this.  Everything possible will be done to try and find an alternative where your desired option is not available.   The availability of larger coaches is extremely limited.  Children choosing to ignore the above and not apply for alternative travel are at risk of being asked to leave the coach and contact parents to collect them.